Seminar by Mildred Thompson, PolicyLink: Health Equity -- A Key Strategy in Improving Health Outcomes

Mildred Thompson leads PolicyLink’s health team, with work focusing on healthy food access, improving the built environment, and the systemic integration of health equity.

474 Laurel Heights
Seminar by Dr. Paula Braveman: The Black-White disparity in preterm birth: Racism-related vigilance may be a missing piece of the puzzle

For three decades, Dr. Braveman has studied and published extensively on health inequalities and equity and worked to bring attention to these issues domestically and internationally.

474 Laurel Heights
Seminar by Dr. Rajiv Bhatia: Counting the impacts of unmet needs on health and health care: Translating science into business intelligence

Dr. Bhatia is a physician and population health expert providing insights, strategies, and solutions to strengthen the community and economic roots of health.

Laurel Heights Room 474 Noon - 1:30 PM
Race, Racism, and Health Inequalities: An Interdisciplinary Conversation Across the Social & Population Sciences

A panel and networking event presented by ASGD & SPaRC to discuss how to have interdisciplinary conversations around issues of race and health.

Milberry | Union Golden Gate Room | UCSF Parnassus